Why did I become a professional organizer?
Many of my clients will ask me what type of work background has led me to professional organizing.  I'd like to share with everybody my work history. Call  it a brief resume. 

In 1992, I graduated from CCRI with an Associate’s Degree in Retail Management. In 1999, I was pursuing my Bachelor's in Marketing at Johnson & Wales, but never finished. 
Growing up, I was always very organized and grew up in an organized household. I always had organized systems set up in the home for as long as I can remember. 

I began working in retail in 1986.  I was working at Motherhood Maternity in RI Mall  when the Manager from Foxmoor came in and said I didn't belong working in a maternity store and recruited me to work there for 2 years until it closed in 1989.  I went on to work as the Assistant Mgr. at the Gap in Garden City, Cranston.

After working very long hours, holidays, and weekends in retail, I decided to go back to school to be a medical secretary.  Over the next 18 years, I found myself bouncing around to numerous medical offices. I was everything from a secretary to department manager to being the only one operating the office with the dr. I realized over the years, I was drawn to departments that were very disorganized. I would get hired, streamline procedures in the departments, organize, improve processes to generate more money for the company and create a more efficient and productive environment. I would stay in the position for no longer than 2 years, get bored once the office was running efficiently and move on to the next disorganized office. I looked at these positions as challenges and ran with the challenge. 

In 1997, I was looking for more of a challenge in my life so I packed up and moved to one of the best places to live in 1997. I moved to Alpharetta, GA by myself. I was employed by the Alpharetta Cancer Treatment Center as the office manager. I also implemented a program to help secretaries in all oncology offices across  the country  that worked with scheduling brachytherapy (radioactive seed implantation therapy for prostate cancer) surgeries. I devised policies, procedures and organized systems  for this program and spoke to over 100 doctors at a medical conference in Atlanta to pass the information onto their secretaries.  I am very proud and will pat myself on the back for this accomplishment. I moved back to RI in 1998 because I missed home and my family.  I went back into the medical field when I returned home. 

In 2005, I left medical to become a certified personal trainer.  As a dancer of 30 years who loved exercise and nutrition, I decided to pursue this as a full-time career. I was tired of the drama in medical offices and tired of  giving 150% and not getting  much in return. I started out with getting the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certification. A year later I was challenged by a few people that said  I would never be able to pass the American College of Sports Medicine Certification. I wanted  to prove them wrong, studied for the exam and passed! So I had 2 certifications. Becoming a personal trainer and working for Body Complete Fitness in Cranston was the closest thing I had to owning my own business. I was working with over 65 clients and was burning the candle at both ends. I was very successful, but the hours, 6am-8pm almost every day were killing me. I decided to go back into medical landing another job as a manager cleaning up a disorganized mess in a medical billing office in a walk-in treatment center and after that went on to manage another  billing department in a physical therapy office that was in dire need of organization and recoupment of  money.  I recouped at least over $200,000 for both of those offices. 

The last job I had before I started my business was the Assistant Practice Manager/Surgery Scheduler at The Center for Orthopaedics in Johnston, RI. Again, streamlining policies and procedures and handling the job of at least 3 people. Time management and being organized was imperative to handle this job. I loved my job and thought I would retire there. A turn of events happened and I was let go. I  was devastated, humiliated and so embarrassed because I had never been let go from a job, EVER.

I was let go on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 1pm. I had a good cry and wondered what am I going to do now? I was 40 years old and refused to ever work for anybody again! I thought about what I was good at and what I had been doing over the past years and it immediately came to me! By Friday of that week, I had joined the National Association of Professional Organizers, registered for their conference which just happened to be in March. I picked up an issue of RISBJ and found there were free classes through RI Small Business Recovery program to be held in February and March. I signed up for every one of them. I registered my business as an LLC with the Secretary of State and started on my journey! Officially started my business April 6, 2012 and have never looked back!

The rest is history! Thank you for everybody's continued support!



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