It's Organize Your Files Week! Are your filing cabinets busting at the seams? How long does it take you to find a file? Do you have duplicate files stored all over your office? When was the last time you purged your files? How is your system working for you? Do you even have a system?

This week, make a plan to go through your files. I'm not saying to re-organize your entire office. I just want you to tackle your files.

Here are 10 quick tips on how to get started:
1.    Grab all the files you have. Grab EVERYTHING!
2.    Start going through each file to see if you really need everything in the folder.
3.    Make a shred pile, a toss pile, and a keep pile.
4.    As you are going through the files, place the ones you are keeping in categories.
5.    Don't think about designing your system. Just place in categorized piles at this time.
6.    Once you have your categories, decide if you want to color code. Do what works for you.
7.   Once you are left with the files you are keeping, think about how you reach for these files.
8.   Keep the ones you reach on a daily basis closest to you. Keep the ones you don't use as much further away from you.
9.   Be sure the system you are re-designing works for you and you will be able to follow it and maintain it. That is the key, maintaining your organization and becoming more efficient and productive.
10.  Make a plan now for next year. Mark it on your calendar to re-visit your filing system next year. Purge again and re-organize if you must.

Organize! Energize!



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