At least once a week, I hear somebody tell me that they want to hire a professional organizer but are embarrassed by what their home or office looks like. They really want help, but can't make that leap.

They often say they don't know where to start or they start a project and get overwhelmed and distracted, walk in circles and just can't seem to finish. They feel consumed by their disorganization and clutter.

You may have too many items in your home, and there is disorganization and clutter, that is a fact, but no judgement is made. The goal is to help you become more efficient, productive, and to help you develop working organized systems that you will be able to maintain.

If you are embarrassed for a professional organizer  to come visit, especially if it is your office, how do you feel when clients, co-workers, or managers arrive at your office? 

Are you the type that when you are having guests over, you throw everything into a closet, making more work for yourself when they leave?

How does your space in your home or office make you feel?
Not able to think clearly
Not able to be creative

Think about the above and walk through each room in your home or office and write down how you feel when you walk into each room. Stop feeling embarrassed and do something about it. How long do you want to go on feeling this way?

Does all of the above sound familiar? It's Spring, a time for new beginnings. Tackle it once and for all, start fresh, get over your embarrassment and get organized. You are holding yourself back from experiencing less stress, more free time, having more money in your pocket, and more energy. Reap these benefits and just make that leap. Once you tackle a small project, you will be
motivated and energized to move onto other projects!

Organize! Energize!



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