Last Sunday on my Facebook page, I discussed how you can plan and prepare meals for the week ahead and lose weight in the process. Pictures and captions are shown below. Today I will be discussing how you can prepare and schedule your workouts ahead of time. By following these steps, or tweaking them to work for you, you will save money, have more free time AND lose weight. 

I will be discussing this also during my presentation at Weight Watchers on March 23. (More info in the events tab.)

So, it's the beginning of March. How many of you schedule exercise into your calendar? If not, why not? Take out your calendar and let's go! Figure out what nights or days you are free, what type of exercise you will be doing (yes, walking counts) and for what length of time.

Mark down your exercise on the calendar just as you would an appointment. Do this for the entire month. Even if it's for 10-20 minutes, jot it down. Now, we all have those weeks when we just don't feel like exercising or another appointment takes precedence. The great thing about planning ahead is if you can't exercise on Wednesdsay, you know you have another appointment to exercise on Friday. 

Planning ahead and scheduling exercise is going to help you in your weight loss journey. I am challenging everybody to schedule their workouts for the entire month. You won't have to think about when you are working out, and you won't have to worry about it for the rest of the  month, it's already scheduled, saving you time and losing weight!

Don't forget about planning and prepping  your meals for the week ahead. Now you can schedule your workouts for the month also. Up next week: How purging your closet can help in the weight loss process.



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