This is the last blog in the 4 week series of planning and prepping to lose weight.

First week: Planning and preping your meals.
Second week: Scheduling workouts ahead of time.
Third week: The power of purging your closets.
Today we will discuss keeping an organized exericse bag on hand at all times. Never say you can't workout again because you forgot your bag.

Here are 6 tips:

1.    Find a great bag that will hold everything that you are going to store in it.
2.    Make a list of everything you utilize for the gym; Sneakers, deodorant, shampoo, towels, water, combination lock, makeup bag, hair brushes/accessories, magazine, music, change of clothes, etc.
3.    Purchase trial size items to store in your bag so you don't have to take them in and out of your bag everytime. The trials size items will always stay in your bag.
4.    Round up all of the above and purchase small accessory bags to contain your makeup and items for your hair. Each category should have its own bag within the gym bag.
5.    Either keep this bag in your trunk at all times or keep the bag in an area in your home where you can just grab and go. Leave a bag at work too if you would like.
6.    Keeping the bag in your trunk will allow you to be ready at a moment's notice. If you decide it's a nice day and you want to take a walk after work or you decide you want to take an exercise class after work. You will never have an excuse not to exercise. You can never say you left your clothes at home.

You'll never rush and be late to a class again because you are racing around trying to gather everything. You'll never get to the gym and say you forgot your music, elastic for your hair, or towel.

This is just one more piece of the puzzle in your weight loss journey. When you apply everything that was disucssed in the past few blogs, you will reach your weight loss goals in no time by having organized systems in place. Following all this information will make the process so much easier for you.

If you would like to hear more about this entire process, please join me Saturday, March 23
from 1-2pm at Weight Watchers in Warwick, RI (Trader Joe's Plaza). See more information in the Events section here on the website.

Organize! Energize!



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