For  many of us, staying on top of our email can be an overwhelming experience.  Tackle this once and for all and start fresh this week. If you have too many emails that are just sitting there, it's time to clean house. Plan to spend some time, depending on how many emails you have, and declutter your mail box. Do it now, and set up a plan and procedure going forward to manage your emails.

Here are 6 tips to help you manage your emails.

1.   Set up folders for the contacts who email you most frequently. Set up subject folders to store important information relating to a certain topic. When you have worked on the email, immediately send to that folder. If you have trips planned in the future, store all that information in a folder. Know that you can grab that information when your trip gets closer. Follow this also for other events that are planned in the near future. Get them out of your inbox.
2.   Delete any junk mail. Touch it once and delete. Going forward, if it isn't useful to you, delete immediately.
3.    Unsubscribe to emails that you consistenly receive that you no longer want to clog up your mailbox and are of no use to you.
4.    If it's an email that needs to be handled right away but you can't handle it at that time, print it out and attach to your to-do list. People will say it's a waste of paper, but how many times did you forget to handle an important email because it was still sitting on your desktop? If it's important and you don't want to forget it, print it out.
5.   Utilize the flagging options. Color code for urgency and follow-up purposes.
How often you check your emails is your preference. Everybody has different schedules. Whatever you decide, make it efficient and productive for you.

Think about how you function with your emails now. Is it working for you? If not, it's time to develop a new system and make the system work for you. Many of you may already use the steps above, but you may feel you need some tweaking. Hopefully, this blog will help motivate you to tackle your emails and start fresh with a new system.

Organize! Energize!



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