Do you have a home with limited storage, cabinet, and closet space? Are you utilizing that space the best way you can? Some people think they need to add an addition onto their home or feel that they should move to a bigger home. Wait, slow down, re-evaluate your space and re-organize.

Here are 7 tips to get creative with your space.
1. If you have been following my blogs, you know the first thing I am going to say. Yes, take everything out of the space you want to organize. You can't get a clear vision of the space if there is clutter in the way.
2. Organizing is like a puzzle. If you have a challenging space, you have to utilize every inch of space, and use it well.
3. Look at empty wall space, under cabinets, under the bed, basement, tops of closets, etc as a way to store items. You really have to get creative. We have a very tiny kitchen and I don't like to clutter counter tops. I didn't want to store my microwave on the counter. We had empty wall space and behind it was a closet. I had my husband cut out a square in the wall and now the microwave sits nicely in that area. I'm not saying you have to cut through walls, but you really have to have a vision outside of the box.
4. Contain items and keep like items together. When items are contained, it allows for better use of space.
5. Do you really need everything that is stored in the area you are organizing? Can you shift items to another area in the home?
6. Bring in a professional organizer to help with the process. Bringing in an organizer who is not in your home everyday will have a different vision than what you look at every day.
7. There are so many great and unique organizing products out there today. Figure out what type of containers you need before you head to the store. Choose the one that will best allow you to maximize the space you have.

People who have small spaces tend to envy people with large spaces. I find that people who have lots of space are not utilizing it correctly. People feel because the space is there they have to fill it. Areas get utilized as drop zones and items get thrown into cabinets with no organization. Organize your large spaces and you will have even more space than you think you have.

You will save money by not having to add that addition on to your home just because you ran out of room to store your belongings.

Organize! Energize!



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