Where do you keep your take-out menus? Are they in random drawers, cabinets or thrown in random spots in the house? How about when you are at work and nobody in the office can find that take-out menu for the food you are craving. Do you always forget after the fact that you had a coupon to use? 

Follow these simple tips on how to create a binder to hold all of your take-out menus and you will never go crazy again searching for those menus and coupons.

I'm sure you will make the person who calls in the lunch orders at work very happy if you apply these tips at the office, too!

1.    Take a look around your home/office and gather all the take out menus and coupons that correspond with those menus.
2.    Count how many menus you have.
3.    Go to your local office supply store and purchase:
        *Binder big enough to hold all your menus.
        *Clear plastic inserts to slide your menus into.
        *Folders to hook in the binders or coupon holders to insert in the binder.
        *3-hole punch if you don't already have one.
        *Tabs to label the categories of menus.
4.    Once you get all the supplies, decide how you want to organize the menus. Do you want to organize by type of restaurant, food, proximity to house, restaurants that deliver, etc. Remember, the system has to work for you and your household.
5.    Place the menus into the clear plastic holders flat so you can read the menus.
6.    If you have coupons to a particular restaurant, put a folder or coupon holder behind the menu. When you flip to see the restaurants, the coupons will be with the restaurant. You will never forget you have coupon again.
7.    Once your menus and coupons are all in place you can set up your tabs.
8.  Finishing touches. Label the outside cover and side of binder.
9.   File with your cookbooks or find a spot that will be easy to grab when you are
deciding to call for take out.

You can make your binder as pretty or as generic as you like. The key is to having everything in one spot to grab when you need it. You'll never have 10 menus to the same restaurant again. No more running around the house or at the office trying to find where your favorite menu is hiding. 

Bon Appetit! Mangia!

Organize! Energize!




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