A few more days and we will be into a new year!! 2013!! If you read last weeks blog, you reflected back on 2012 and figured out how you could make things different in 2013. This week, take a moment to read this blog and write down everything you hope to accomplish in 2013.

Get your pen and pad/electronics or calendar handy and start writing your list.

Who wants to:
*Save money
*Have more free time
*Have less stress
*Have more energy
*Get people to have more confidence in you

The above are just some of the benefits you will reap by becoming organized in 2013.

Think about your home or office. Think about how you will become more efficient and productive once you are organized.

Getting organized is a process. Don't feel you need to tackle every project all at once. Break up projects into small tasks. Have a plan and follow the plan through until it is completed. Spread your projects out over the year and by the end of 2013, you will have become organized! The key to maintaining your organization is having systems in place. The systems have to work for you. You have heard me say this numerous times. Also, focus and try to limit your distractions.

If you need more tips and help getting started, check out the events section here on the website. January is National Get Organized Month. Organizing In RI is presenting 4 workshops in the month of January! Hope to see you there!

Happy New Year!!
Organize! Energize!




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