The holidays are upon us. If you haven't started planning, what are you waiting for? Get everything out of your mind and onto paper or your electronics to relieve stress and clear the mental clutter. Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1.    Utilize a calendar. Put everything on your calendar. Jot down all your appointments, parties, laundry, food shopping trips, workouts, etc.
2.    Menu plan now. Write out your holiday menus. Figure out what you need for ingredients and make your list. If you are visiting during the holidays figure out now what you are going to bring.
3.    Shopping lists. Save time, money, and have less stress by going to the market once a week. Write down everything you need to buy to avoid impulse shopping. Try to plan your trips during off hours.
4.    Decorations/table settings. Do your research for the best deals. Search through your store circulars and make a plan on where you are going to shop so you don't drive all over the state wasting energy, and gas, and money.
5.    Break up tasks. So you don't get overwhelmed, try to break up things you need to do. Dedicate a day to shopping, a day for cleaning. Get organized with your tasks. Plan where you have to be for the week and plan your errands around where you are going to be.

This is supposed to be a fun time of year but most of us end up stressed and exhausted. Planing ahead will alleviate some of the stress that comes with the holidays so you can enjoy this holiday season.

Organize!! Energize!!



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