I received a few requests from businesses to write a blog about getting organized for an expo. Here are 10 tips:

The key to having a stress-free expo is preparing ahead of time. Be sure you have enough materials on hand and order them well in advance.

1.    If you frequently go to expos, type out a list of everything you bring. Store in a safe place. Refer to the list when you are packing.
2.    Keep all supplies in categories and organized and pack them in an organized fashion.
3.    A few days before get all your materials together.
4.    The night before check to see what time you have to be at the expo to set up.
5.    The night before, pack your car with all your materials.
6.    Pack snacks and drinks.
7.    Arrive at the expo the time that you are asked to be there to set up. Get there on time.
8.    Set up your table and then you can relax.
9.    Any information you receive from other vendors, keep separated from your materials in a separate bag, so when you return from the expo everything is separated.
10.  Pack up your table in an organized fashion so it will be ready to go for the next expo.

If you prepare ahead of time, are organized, and arrive on time, you are on your way to having a great stress-free expo. Good luck!

Organize!! Energize!!


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