Read the words above. How do they make you feel? When you walk into your home, your friend's or relative's home do any of these words come to mind. Think about how people feel when then walk into your home. If you are disorganized or live in clutter, you may be making your guests feel anxious, stressed, or uncomfortable.

With the holidays arriving soon and guests in and out of your home, make a plan to declutter and organize your home.

*    Walk into your home as if it weren't your home. What is the first thing you see when you walk in? Is it the pile of paper on the kitchen table? Is it the clutter at the front door? How does it make you feel? How do you think it makes your guests feel? Make a plan to organize and declutter the first area you see when you walk into your home.
*     Bathrooms- Guests will be in and out of your bathrooms. Do not keep anything on the counter except the essentials that your guests may need, kleenex, soap, towels, hand lotion, etc.
*    Sitting area- Keep this room as clutter free and organized as possible. Limit your chatzkies. Less is more. Clutter and disorganization are a distraction. You want to engage your guests in conversation and good times. You don't want them to focus on your mess.
*    Guest bedroom- If you are having overnight guests, please declutter the bedroom. Get the piles off the floor and off the bureaus and nightstands. Your guests want to be relaxed, not stressed when they are staying in the room. Keep the nightstand free of everything except maybe a light and a few neccessities.
*    Kitchen- If there is one piece of advice I can give in this room, it is get the paper off the counter and out of site.. Again, organize it and find a home for it, don't shove it in the closet because you know company is arriving.

You have a little time befoe the holidays arrive. Make a plan now and get organized and declutter the rooms that you will be entertaining your guests in. Don't just push everything into the closet because you know guests are coming. Don't you want to deal with it and not have to worry about pulling it out of the closet later?

If you need help and feel you just can't get it done by yourself or you want to get the job done quickly and save time, give us a call!

Organize!! Energize!!


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