I know some of you aren't looking forward to it, but others are excited that ski season is right around the corner! Are you ready? Here are 10 tips to get your gear organized now!

1.    Take inventory of what you have for gear.
2.    Toss or donate any items you know you aren't going to wear again.
3.    Sort gloves, pants, tops, accessories, etc. and keep in categories.
4.    Figure out what you need to purchase for the season.
5.    Make a shopping list of everything you need and take the list with you shopping.
5.    Get your equipment tuned up now. Don't wait until the last minute.
6.    Keep all equipment and clothes in one area so you save time when you have to pack.
7.    Be kind to your ski equipment. Hang racks to store equipment.
8.    If you are taking a road trip, be sure your car is ready for a winter trip. Keep an emergency kit in the car.
9.    If you know you want to plan a trip, plan it now. Start researching places to visit and stay.
10.  At the end of the season, rotate your ski gear to the back of the closet or storage area. Next year you will be organized and prepared for the season.

Farmer's Almanac is calling for snow. Have a great ski season! Enjoy!!

Organize!! Energize!!


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