It's that time of year, yard sale season. Here are 10 tips to get organized for your yard sale.
1.    Having a multi-family yard sale? Schedule a date in advance that works for everybody.
2.    Once you have the date, go through your entire home and pull what you want to sell.
3.    Go through your clothes closets and get rid of any clothes that you want to sell.
4.    Bring everything you want to sell into a designated area.
5.    A week before the yard sale, revisit the area and start to prep for the sale.
6.    Put items in categories and start hanging clothes and start pricing.
7.    Get signs, tables, tablecloths, pens, paper, calculator, and money ready, so you aren't racing around the day of the yard sale.
8.    Get a good sleep the night before. You will be up very early setting up everything and it tends to be a long day.
9.    The morning of, if you prepared ahead, all you should have to do is carry everything outside and set up.
10.   Keep like items together when selling and set up your yard sale like a retail store. Make it inviting to your customers and easy for them to shop.

Preparing ahead of time will take the stress out of setting up the yard sale. It will be long day, but it's always fun and you will make a little extra cash to buy more stuff!!

Organize!! Energize!!



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