Paper Management.
With back to school approaching, my tips for the month of August should make this back to school season a breeze.

It seems most of us have difficulty with paper management. Get your kids in the habit of controlling their paper now so they will be able to have a handle on it through grammar school, college, adulthood and throughout their careers. Start now by having your kids participate in the process.

When purchasing back to school supplies, dedicate a color to each subject. For instance for English class, have a green notebook, folder and or binder. All paperwork for English stays contained in the English folders.

Develop a kid friendly filing system in their bedroom, whether it be a filing drawer/cabinet or an accordian file or any other filing system that will work for them. Label the files and have them store important documents in the files throughout the school year. You can label them by subject and color code to match the colors you dedicated to each subject. Store artwork, class projects, papers, and any other important documents in these files. At the end of the school year go through the files and purge whatever you think you may not need for the future. Store the documents you want in a separate file and label with the school year and keep everything together in a separate storage box. Start each school year fresh by continuing to rotate the files.

Get your children in the habit of once a week cleaning out their subject folders and filing papers in their file drawer. Start these routines now and make it a habit of following up with them.

Your children should have a good handle on their papers if they have a system. If the system works, you won't have papers stuffed in drawers all over the home or their bedroom. All paper will be contained and have a home. 

Work with your children to put this system in place and you will be one step closer to becoming organized for back to school.

Organize!! Energize!!



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