Here are 5 tips to make your weekday school mornings easier.
1.    Plan outfits for the school week on Sunday including accessories, shoes, socks. Iron everything. Line up the outfits in the closets Monday-Friday. Kids know exactly what they are wearing and won't waste time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear.
2.    Pack lunches the evening before.
3.    Go through and organize backpacks the night before so in the morning kids just grab and go.
4.    Check the school schedule for gym classes, art classes. Pack ahead gym clothes and supplies.
5.    Routines. Have your children get into these routines and they will become habits.
Follow these tips above and you should reap the benefits of having stress free mornings. You will have more time to enjoy breakfast and spend with your family.

Organize!! Energize!!


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