You may have already started school clothes shopping, but have you taken inventory of what your child already owns? Here are 5 tips to get your kids closets organized and make clothes shopping less stressful.

1.  First take everything out of their closets. Make your piles, donate, sell, keep, toss.
2.  Filter clothes back in by categories.
3.  Take inventory of what you have before you go shopping. Think about what pieces you already have and build a mix and match wardrobe from those pieces. This tip will save you money!
4   Make a list of exactly what you need to purchase and take it with you to avoid buying duplicate items and wasting money.
5.  Prepping clothes for the week ahead will make your life much easier. Organize the outfits Monday-Friday along with accessories and shoes.

Have fun shopping!!

Organize!! Energize!!



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