You absolutely love your furry friend, but how do you make your home look like a pet hasn't taken over?

Here are some tips on how to keep your home organized when you have pets:
1.    Buy food dishes to match the decor of your home so they blend in, not stand out. Keep the dishes in a spot out of the path of people.
2.    Buy a decorative container (be creative) to hold their toys. Home Goods (www.homegoods.com)  always has nice decorative metal containers that will work as a toy chest for your pet's toys.
3.    If you have the room, dedicate a closet space or an area in your home for the following:
            *pet food and treats- keep in seal tight containers.
            *any medicine, extra treats, frontline, cotton balls, extra poop bags-store in containers.
            *shampoo, wash cloths, towels, blankets, etc.- store in bins or containers that work for you.
4.    Keep dog leashes near the door where you take them out.
5.     Organize your pets just as you would organize your family.... because they are part of the family.

We keep records of our medical history, don't forget to keep a folder of your pet's medical history. You can file it with your medical history or keep it on the shelf in the closet you have designated for your pet. Also include in this folder any receipts you have from the vet and any other important documents. You can also keep a spreadsheet with documentation of every time they go for their shots.

Have systems set up in your home for your pet's belongings and maintain those systems to keep your pet from overtaking the home.

Organize!! Energize!!



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