In order to maintain organization in your office, you need to have a great system for processing day to day functions.

Have a system to:
1.    Process your mail: Shred it, file it or to-do.
2.    Process your email: Send to folder, print or flag to do.
3.    Work on your to-do list: Keep a running to-do list.
This will keep you on track with your day.
4.    File: Have a filing system that is in arms reach. Categorize and color code if you must.
5.    Pay bills: Stay on track with your bills. Incorporate into your calender to remind you to pay.
6.    File your business contacts/cards: Whether it be through electronics or good old rolodex.
7.    Handle phone calls and voice mail: Set aside time to retrieve and return calls.
8.    Keep your desk in order: Have a place for everything at your desk. Only keep items you use on a daily basis on your desk.
9.    Manage your time: Planning will make you more efficient and productive.
10.  Follow-up with clients: Utilize your calendar to remind you to follow-up with clients.

If you have a system for everything, your day will run smoothly. When stress does occur in the workday ( and we know it does) it will not affect you like it affects the disorganized person. You will handle the stress and move on because you know where everything is and there is a system for everything. The disorganized person will be affected by the stressful situation the rest of the day because it will take them longer to recover. They will waste time and energy  looking for that phone number, file or note that they jotted down but forgot where it was placed. The rest of their day will have a wrench thrown into it because they will work harder to get back to where they were before the stressful situation occurred.

Your systems have to work for you. Having systems in place will make you more efficient and more productive, saving you time and money in turn increasing your revenue.

Organize!! Energize!!



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