I was at a pool party this weekend and one of the guests and her husband had their 3 children with them. The children were getting ready to go in the pool, but their mom realized that in her bag full of pool gear, she forgot to pack a pair of swimmies and a mask for 2 of her children. Her husband had to drive back home to pick up the things that she forgot to pack.

How many times have you forgotten to pack something, whether it be packing for an overnight trip to grandma's, a weekend getaway, or a day trip to the beach?

I know initially, this may seem time consuming and tedious, but you will benefit from being prepared in the long run. Try this tip and let me know how it works for you.

*Think of places you take your children (or yourself) where you frequently need a packed bag.
*Make a list of everything you would pack according to each trip you take on a regular basis.
*Clothespin or clip the list to the bag you normally take with you on the trip.
*Next time you need to go on a trip, grab the bag and the attached list and pack from the list.
*You only have to write the list once and forget about it.
*You never have to wonder if you left something behind, because you will check everything off the the list as you go through it.

Take the time now and make your lists! Having these lists in place will save you time, energy, money, and will reduce stress. This is a perfect time to write your list for the beach since you have what you need to take fresh in your mind.

Organize!! Energize!!



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