It's summertime and many of you are going on week long or weekend trips. Packing can be stress free for you and your family if you prepare and plan ahead.  Start planning about 2 weeks before you go on your trip.

1. Start a couple of weeks before by making a list and categorizing the list. Make a list for each family member. Have categories like toiletries, bathing suits, underwear, clothes, socks, shoes, outfits, hair and makeup products, accessories, etc. Keep passports, tickets, and any information about the trip with your list in one designated spot in your home. 

2. Next to each category write in what you need to pack, for instance, under toiletries write everything you need to pack from your toothbrush to hand wipes. Next category may be bathing suits, jot down how many bathing suits you need to bring and which ones, and then continue with the list. Plan ALL of your outfits. List everything, because that item that you think you will remember and don't write down is the item you are going to forget to pack.

3. Make a separate list of all the toiletries or magazines you need to buy and buy them a week ahead.

4. Once the packing list is complete, keep the list handy so you can jot down any items you may have forgotten.

5. A few days before, not the night before, refer to your list and pull everything from your list, except the items you use on a daily basis.

6. Keep toiletries, magazines, phone chargers, and anything important in your carry-on bag. As I get samples of products throughout the year I keep them in a spot in my closet. When it is time for a trip, I grab the samples and bring them along with my trial size products. They take up less room and usually use them entirely while on the trip. You will have more room on the way home for other things you may have purchased when you were on your trip.

7. A couple of nights before fold everything so it is as small as possible. Utilize space between your shoes, roll small items and put into your shoes or in the spaces between your shoes.Utilize EVERY inch of the suitcase. 

8. The night before be sure everything is packed except what you need that morning to get ready. After using those items, store them into your carry-on. Put all information you need for your trip with your luggage.

Follow these tips or tweak them to make them work for you.  The morning of the trip you won't be rushing around trying to find things you forgot to pack. You can relax that morning knowing you are all prepared for you trip! Enjoy!

Organize!! Energize!!


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