Are you organized when it comes to your medications? Here are some valuable tips about storing and organizing your medications.

Believe it or not, your medications should not be stored in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. The bathroom is the worst place to store your medicine. The bathroom is prone to high temperatures and humidity. Medications should be stored away from heat and moisture and closed tight. Keep in a hallway closet, or anywhere in the home where the room temp is between 68 and 77 degrees. Some meds need to be stored in cooler places. Always read the labels.

1. Go through your home and gather all your meds.
2. Check for expiration dates and throw out any expired medication.
3. Check your closet every year for expired meds. 
4. Call your local pharmacy if you are unsure as to how to dispose of your meds.
5. Keep your meds in one place in the home and store them in a bin/container to your liking.

Please check on your elders and make sure that they are organized when it comes to their medications. Also, check to make sure they have a list of all the medication they are taking and be sure they carry the list with them at all times, most importantly, to doctor's appointments. Set them up with a pill organizer so they are taking their pills on schedule every day. Not only our elders, but everybody should carry a list of meds that they are taking. List the name of the medication, dosage, and how often you take the medication.

You are taking one more small step to getting organized. 
Organize!! Energize!!


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