23% of adults say they pay their bills late and incur late fees because they lose them. (napo.net.) 

This blog is for everybody that has difficulty handling their mail. Does your mail pile up throughout the week or do you handle it right away? Do you have weeks worth of mail in a pile in your home? Do you have a designated area in your home to process your mail? Do you own a shredder?

For those of you who have difficulty dealing with your mail, and you know who you are, here is my system for handling mail. This may not be for everybody, but this is what works well for me. Everybody has their own system and what works for them. The key is to have a system.

1.    Mail arrives.
2.    I bring it into the office. There is also a shredder in my office.
3.    I handle the mail right away. It takes less than 5 mintues to do this.  If not, you will keep putting it off and that's how the mail starts to accumulate, bills get forgotten or lost, and this is how late fees incur.
4.    I go through each piece, sorting as I go.
5.    Junk mail. If it has your personal information on it, shred it.
6.    Magazines. Put in a pile and bring to the area in your home where you read.
7.    Store flyers. If you don't need it, THROW IT OUT!
8.    Coupons. If you can't cut them out at that moment, have a file folder or area in a drawer where you keep your coupons and file them in there for now and cut them when you are ready to go to the market.
9.    Bills. I have a desk calendar and I file the bills in the calendar in the week before they are due.
10.  Bills that need to get paid asap or mail you need to tend to asap.  File them with your to do list for the week.
11.  Any other mail that is of importance, file it in the calendar right away or tend to it at that moment.

If you struggle with mail, take less than 5 minutes each day this week and process your mail. Tackle that pile of mail that has been sitting on your table and start fresh with a new system. You will feel energized and motivated! You are one more step to becoming organized!

Organize!! Energize!!


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