Are you prepared?


It is that time of year; the weather is getting warmer, and we are starting to spend more time outdoors, whether it be yardwork, exercising, or children playing sports. Are you prepared if there is an accident, a bee sting, a scrape or fall? Do you have a first aid kit, and does everybody in your household know where it is located? Do you panic because you can find a bandaid, but can't find the antiseptic spray, or bee sting relief pad? Now is a great time to get organized and create a first aid kit and keep one in each bathroom or a designated spot in the house where everybody knows where to locate it if an accident were to happen.

You can store your first aid products in a see through or colorful container, a basket, or whatever type of container will fit in the space you are storing the kit.

If you are confused as to what type of first aid products to buy, I have provided a list of suggestions to include in your kit.
*    Tweezer & magnifer for removing splinters
*    Small scissors
*    Benadryl
*    Neosporin/bacitracin
*    Disposable ice pack
*    Alcohol wipes
*    Insect sting relief wipes
*    Peroxide
*    A box of all different sizes of bandaids
*    Gauze pads- 4x4 pads or a gauze roll
*    Tape
*    Gloves
*    If anybody is allergic to bees, keep a spare epi-pen in the kit
*    First aid guide

If all of your first aid items are not stored in one place, think about doing this and be sure everybody knows where it is located. Next time an accident occurs, you won't be scrambling looking for items, you will be organized and prepared. 

Organize!! Energize!!


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