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This story is a perfect example of why you need to get organized! You will save money!! Who doesn't want to save money, or at least have extra money to shop?

Believe it or not, I have one drawer in my house that is not organized. It is this drawer below, and it is in my kitchen.
I looked at this drawer Sunday and wondered why I had never organized this drawer. I had a plan to organize it Sunday. I took measurements to make sure the drawer dividers that I was going to buy would fit. I basically knew what was in the drawer and what type of divider I would need to buy.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had a bunch of 20% coupons and used them to buy bamboo dividers. We measured them at the store and picked sizes we knew would fit in the drawer.

We then went to Crate and Barrel because we had a gift certificate. We bought some great stuff! Then we proceeded to go over to the wall of utensils! We were picking out all kinds of utensils that we knew we didn't have, or so we thought. I saw an egg separator and I said "oooh we don't have an egg separator" . So we purchased it for $4.00, but what happens next is very important.

We arrived home and I was so excited to start organizing the drawer!! I took everything out of the drawer! What did I find while emptying the drawer? An egg separator. Really? Who needs 2 egg separators? Just the fact that I bought something that I already had made me a little upset. Could I return it? Yes, but it was only $4.00 and would I go out of my way to bring it back? Probably not.

If you have disorganized areas in your home, you probably have duplicate items in your home and are wasting money. How many times have you done this? This was only a $4.00 purchase, but if you continually do this because you really don't know what you actually have, how much money are you throwing away due to disorganization?

Here is the bamboo divider and the after pic!
Organize!!! Energize!!!


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