Any area in the house can become cluttered, EVEN the food closet.  When you open your food closet, do you know exactly what is in there when you open it? Is the food categorized with like items together? Whether you have a big family and have to keep a lot of food on hand or you have a small family and only need certain items on hand, anyone can follow these steps to organize the kitchen closet.

1.    Take everything out of the food closet. (YES EVERYTHING) When is the last time you did that?
2.    As you take food out, check for expiration dates. Throw out any expired food.
3.    You are going to start putting food back in according to categories and you will probaby find that you have duplicate items, condense these items.
4.    Start with baking goods, i.e, flour, baking soda, baking powder, confectionary sugar, etc. Store these products in a bin so when you are baking, you can just pull the bin out of the closet. Or you can store them on a shelf out of the bin, but keep items together. Whatever works for you.
5.    The other shelves will be organized to your liking, but keep in mind to keep food in the same categories together. It will be much easier to grab and go instead of standing in front of the closet searching for something.
6.     Store pastas, rice, pancake mix, flour, sugar, etc.  in seal tight containers and label them. They stay fresher this way. My favorite containers are Lock & Lock containers. QVC sells them, they are great!

Remember, you have to have a process and a system and it has to work for you and your family. If you don't have a process and a system, the closet will always go back to being disorganized. Do what works for you so you can maintain organization!!

As you continue to get organized, you will save so much precious time. All the time you save by being organized really adds up and will leave you with time to spend on the things that matter to you the most! Are you motivated to organize that kitchen closet? If you answered no, then you need to schedule an appointment with us and we will get you motivated, organized and energized!!



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