I was employed as an assistant practice manager and the practice manager's office was behind a glass wall situated across from my cubicle. On occasion she would yell to me and ask me if I knew where certain things were in her office. It was a Monday morning in December and she called to me from her office to ask me where a binder was that is usually in her office. I did not get up, I spoke to her from my cubicle and told her the binder is where it always is kept. She had shelves on the wall and all her binders were on the wall. This particular binder was on the wall with the rest of the binders. I assumed she knew where the binder was because it was where the other binders were kept. She continued to look for this binder and I continued to go about my work at my desk. About 10 minutes went by and she still couldn't find the binder. I got up, went into her office, went over to the shelves and saw the binder. It was clearly labeled. I said, "the binder is right here on the shelf where it is supposed to be". Well, I was mortified at the events that took place next. I was screamed at loud enough for my co-workers to hear, patients in the waiting room to hear and anybody that was on the other end of the phone at the time. You could hear a pin drop after she finished yelling at me. I was so embarrased.  
I didn't understand how I could get screamed at for somebody else's disorganization.

The point of my story is, do you  know where everything is at your desk? How long does it take you to find a file, phone number, or paperwork? If I came into your office and asked you to find a certain item, would you be able to tell me where it is in under 10 seconds? If not, you may need to re-evaluate your workstation. Think of how many minutes or hours are wasted trying to find things. Isn't work stressful enough?



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