How many times have you gone to the supermarket unprepared, spent more money than you intended and bought items you already had? If this relates to you, then read on. Here are 10 tips on getting organized for your trip to the supermarket.

1.    Plan your meals for the week on Saturday or Sunday and write down a healthy meal plan.
2.    Make a list for the market from your meal plan.
3.    Go through the closet & refrigerator and cross off anything on the list that you already have.
4.    Your food closet and refrigerator should be organized.This will avoid buying duplicates.
5.   Gather your coupons based on your list. (Keep coupons organized in a coupon holder).
6.   Once you are at the supermarket, you should not veer from the list.
7.   Go to the supermarket only once a week. 
8.   Stick to the list and the healthy meal plan and you may even lose weight!
9.   Never go to the market hungry!
10. Start a list for the following week. Keep it handy in the kitchen or office. Something may come to mind that you need or you just used the last of something, jot it on the list.

By being organized in the kitchen and planning ahead for the market, you are saving yourself time and money and who wouldn't like a little extra cash or more time in their day! 

Organize!! Energize!!


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