Read the words above. How do they make you feel? When you walk into your home, your friend's or relative's home do any of these words come to mind. Think about how people feel when then walk into your home. If you are disorganized or live in clutter, you may be making your guests feel anxious, stressed, or uncomfortable.

With the holidays arriving soon and guests in and out of your home, make a plan to declutter and organize your home.

*    Walk into your home as if it weren't your home. What is the first thing you see when you walk in? Is it the pile of paper on the kitchen table? Is it the clutter at the front door? How does it make you feel? How do you think it makes your guests feel? Make a plan to organize and declutter the first area you see when you walk into your home.
*     Bathrooms- Guests will be in and out of your bathrooms. Do not keep anything on the counter except the essentials that your guests may need, kleenex, soap, towels, hand lotion, etc.
*    Sitting area- Keep this room as clutter free and organized as possible. Limit your chatzkies. Less is more. Clutter and disorganization are a distraction. You want to engage your guests in conversation and good times. You don't want them to focus on your mess.
*    Guest bedroom- If you are having overnight guests, please declutter the bedroom. Get the piles off the floor and off the bureaus and nightstands. Your guests want to be relaxed, not stressed when they are staying in the room. Keep the nightstand free of everything except maybe a light and a few neccessities.
*    Kitchen- If there is one piece of advice I can give in this room, it is get the paper off the counter and out of site.. Again, organize it and find a home for it, don't shove it in the closet because you know company is arriving.

You have a little time befoe the holidays arrive. Make a plan now and get organized and declutter the rooms that you will be entertaining your guests in. Don't just push everything into the closet because you know guests are coming. Don't you want to deal with it and not have to worry about pulling it out of the closet later?

If you need help and feel you just can't get it done by yourself or you want to get the job done quickly and save time, give us a call!

Organize!! Energize!!
I received a few requests from businesses to write a blog about getting organized for an expo. Here are 10 tips:

The key to having a stress-free expo is preparing ahead of time. Be sure you have enough materials on hand and order them well in advance.

1.    If you frequently go to expos, type out a list of everything you bring. Store in a safe place. Refer to the list when you are packing.
2.    Keep all supplies in categories and organized and pack them in an organized fashion.
3.    A few days before get all your materials together.
4.    The night before check to see what time you have to be at the expo to set up.
5.    The night before, pack your car with all your materials.
6.    Pack snacks and drinks.
7.    Arrive at the expo the time that you are asked to be there to set up. Get there on time.
8.    Set up your table and then you can relax.
9.    Any information you receive from other vendors, keep separated from your materials in a separate bag, so when you return from the expo everything is separated.
10.  Pack up your table in an organized fashion so it will be ready to go for the next expo.

If you prepare ahead of time, are organized, and arrive on time, you are on your way to having a great stress-free expo. Good luck!

Organize!! Energize!!
I know some of you aren't looking forward to it, but others are excited that ski season is right around the corner! Are you ready? Here are 10 tips to get your gear organized now!

1.    Take inventory of what you have for gear.
2.    Toss or donate any items you know you aren't going to wear again.
3.    Sort gloves, pants, tops, accessories, etc. and keep in categories.
4.    Figure out what you need to purchase for the season.
5.    Make a shopping list of everything you need and take the list with you shopping.
5.    Get your equipment tuned up now. Don't wait until the last minute.
6.    Keep all equipment and clothes in one area so you save time when you have to pack.
7.    Be kind to your ski equipment. Hang racks to store equipment.
8.    If you are taking a road trip, be sure your car is ready for a winter trip. Keep an emergency kit in the car.
9.    If you know you want to plan a trip, plan it now. Start researching places to visit and stay.
10.  At the end of the season, rotate your ski gear to the back of the closet or storage area. Next year you will be organized and prepared for the season.

Farmer's Almanac is calling for snow. Have a great ski season! Enjoy!!

Organize!! Energize!!
How many times have you started an organizing project and 3 hours later you found you have made no progress and are in a bigger mess than when you started? Sound like something you have done before? It's all about focusing on the task at hand.

Check out these 10 tips to avoid distractions:
1.     Mark your organizing project on your calendar just as you would schedule an appointment.
2.     Try to disconnect yourself from social media.
3.     Try to limit any other distractions, i.e, phone calls, pets, kids, spouse, tv, etc. 
4.     Focus. Once you start organizing it is easy to veer off and do other things.
5.     Instead of picking up an item and moving it to another area of the house, keep piles. When you are finished move the piles to other areas.
6.     Try to stay in the area you are working.
7.     Don't spend too much time deciding whether to keep something. If you can't decide, put it aside and move on. Save it until the end.
8.     If you are organizing paper, try not to read full articles or get started in reading magazines.
9.     It's ok to reminisce with sentimental items, but don't let it zap your time. Decide whether to keep or toss and then move on.
10.   If you do find yourself always getting distracted, call a professional organizer.

Without distractions, your project will take you half the time. You will have finished with more energy. You will be motivated and energized to continue and move forward with the rest of the home or office.

Organize!! Energize!!!
Why do we have to run out and purchase containers the minute we decide to get organized? I have seen it too many times to count. Don't do it! Wait, stop, get organized then purchase your containers. You can't purchase containers until you know exactly what you are going to store in them.

Here are 7 tips you can follow:
1. Get organized first.  
2. Figure out if you even need containers ( you may already have them lying around the home ).
3. Recycle and re-purpose containers to save money.
4. Be sure to purchase containers that best fit what you are going to be storing.
5. Get the most out of your space, maximize!
6. Measure the space so you can bring the measurements with you to the store.
7. Plan ahead and search online first to see what stores have in stock so you aren't running all over the state searching for the container that you want to purchase.

Once you are organized and have containers in place, step back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You are on your way to reaping the benefits of being organized!

Organize!! Energize!!