The answer: Have systems in place.

Here are my top 10 tips on how to maintain organization in your home.

1.    Have a system in place and a home for everything in your home.
2.    Keep like items together in one spot.  Don’t have items scattered all over your home.
3.    Have a filing system for your bills and important papers.
4.    Have drawer organizers in all your drawers.
5.    Get rid of clutter. 
6.    Go through your clothes closets every season.
7.    Prepare for the week ahead.
8.    Keep a running to-do list. Refer to it often.
9.    If you have children get them involved in organizing.
10.  Less is more. Keep it simple.

Most importantly, the systems you set up have to work for you and your family. You have to be able to maintain the systems.  Set aside time to get your home organized.  Start by organizing one room.  If you tend to get overwhelmed easy, start with a plan to do one drawer and ease into the organization process.

Practice these 10 tips and you will reap the benefits of being organized. Start with one tip at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.

Organize!! Energize!!
Why is the basement the room in the house that gets the brunt of all the clutter. Is it because we can't find a home for the clutter upstairs so we just say "put it in the basement"!

Basements are a hot spot for clutter for many people. Old photos, school memorabilia, tools, odds and ends, seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, appliances, laundry and the list goes on and on.
Here are 7 tips to get your basement organized.

1.    Organize, label, and keep your memorabilia in waterproof bins. (You never know when the basement might flood)
2.    Portable shelving units or enclosed shelving units are great for storing items like appliances, odds and ends, etc. depending on what you have in your basement.
3.    As far as tools go, purchase a tool organizer or get creative with bins. Take inventory of what tools you have and purchase bins that will accomodate the tools. Same goes for small items like nails, screws, etc. Organize in small containers, maybe recycled containers you get when you purchase prepared food at the supermarket.
4.    If your laundry room is downstairs, keep a small shelving unit close by to store detergent, fabric softener, etc. Create a workstation for your laundry.
5.    The key is to go through the entire basement and figure out what you can get rid of and what you want to keep. Ask yourself, "When was the last time I used this and will I ever use this again?"
6.    Keep like categories together and label everything.
7.    Try to keep the basement as neat as possible. Why are basements always messy?

Don't treat your basement as a drop spot for things you can't find homes for in other areas of the house. Do you really need all the stuff you have in the basement? Is it time to re-evaluate? Treat the basement as you would any other room in the house. Don't let it be a clutter drop zone!

Organize!! Energize!!
Not all of us have the luxury of having a garage, and believe it or not, it is a luxury. Many people who have that luxury usually end up filling their garages to the brim with clutter and never even park their cars in them. I wonder where all the stuff would go if they never had a garage in the first place.

Why does the garage always seem to get cluttered. It seems it is just one more empty spot that is used as a space for clutter to build.

Fall is a great time of year to get the garage de-cluttered. Winter is around the corner and wouldn't it be wonderful to park your car in the garage? If you are not the only person who utilizes the garage, I would enlist everybody that has contributed to the clutter and have them help on the day of the de-cluttering.

Here are 10 tips to clear the clutter from the garage:
1.    Everything, yes EVERYTHING, must come out of the garage!
2.    As you take items out, decide what you are tossing, selling, keeping or moving to a new spot.
3.    Anything you are keeping, put in categories on the lawn/driveway.
4.    Figure out if you need to contain smaller items in 
bins.  Be sure to label.
5.    Get creative. Can you utilize overhead space for seasonal items?
6.    Organize items back into garage according to the frequency of use.
7.    Organize everything, even lawn tools.
8.    Try to maximize the space you have and get the most out of your space.
9.    If you have borrowed any items or are storing items for people, give the items back now!
10.  Get excited!!

After you have completed this process, you will feel like a weight has been lifted and you will feel like you have this brand new space. Ahh, but what to do with this empty space? Park your cars!

Organize!! Energize!!


It's that time of year, yard sale season. Here are 10 tips to get organized for your yard sale.
1.    Having a multi-family yard sale? Schedule a date in advance that works for everybody.
2.    Once you have the date, go through your entire home and pull what you want to sell.
3.    Go through your clothes closets and get rid of any clothes that you want to sell.
4.    Bring everything you want to sell into a designated area.
5.    A week before the yard sale, revisit the area and start to prep for the sale.
6.    Put items in categories and start hanging clothes and start pricing.
7.    Get signs, tables, tablecloths, pens, paper, calculator, and money ready, so you aren't racing around the day of the yard sale.
8.    Get a good sleep the night before. You will be up very early setting up everything and it tends to be a long day.
9.    The morning of, if you prepared ahead, all you should have to do is carry everything outside and set up.
10.   Keep like items together when selling and set up your yard sale like a retail store. Make it inviting to your customers and easy for them to shop.

Preparing ahead of time will take the stress out of setting up the yard sale. It will be long day, but it's always fun and you will make a little extra cash to buy more stuff!!

Organize!! Energize!!