Where:       Greenville Library, 573 Putnam Pike, Greenville, RI 02828
When:        Saturday, September 15 from 11am-12pm
Topic:        Creating and maintaining organization in your home.
Details:      Will discuss benefits of being organized, kitchen and closet organization. Step by step presentation  of how to get your kitchen  & closets organized, along with valuable tips, take-aways, and prizes!
If you are interested in attending this FREE workshop, you must register by calling
the Greenville Library at 401-949-3630 ext. 1.

Space is limited and the room holds 40 people.

Please join me! This will be an exciting workshop to get your home ready for the fall!

Hope to see you there!

Organize!! Energize!!

It's summertime and many of you are going on week long or weekend trips. Packing can be stress free for you and your family if you prepare and plan ahead.  Start planning about 2 weeks before you go on your trip.

1. Start a couple of weeks before by making a list and categorizing the list. Make a list for each family member. Have categories like toiletries, bathing suits, underwear, clothes, socks, shoes, outfits, hair and makeup products, accessories, etc. Keep passports, tickets, and any information about the trip with your list in one designated spot in your home. 

2. Next to each category write in what you need to pack, for instance, under toiletries write everything you need to pack from your toothbrush to hand wipes. Next category may be bathing suits, jot down how many bathing suits you need to bring and which ones, and then continue with the list. Plan ALL of your outfits. List everything, because that item that you think you will remember and don't write down is the item you are going to forget to pack.

3. Make a separate list of all the toiletries or magazines you need to buy and buy them a week ahead.

4. Once the packing list is complete, keep the list handy so you can jot down any items you may have forgotten.

5. A few days before, not the night before, refer to your list and pull everything from your list, except the items you use on a daily basis.

6. Keep toiletries, magazines, phone chargers, and anything important in your carry-on bag. As I get samples of products throughout the year I keep them in a spot in my closet. When it is time for a trip, I grab the samples and bring them along with my trial size products. They take up less room and usually use them entirely while on the trip. You will have more room on the way home for other things you may have purchased when you were on your trip.

7. A couple of nights before fold everything so it is as small as possible. Utilize space between your shoes, roll small items and put into your shoes or in the spaces between your shoes.Utilize EVERY inch of the suitcase. 

8. The night before be sure everything is packed except what you need that morning to get ready. After using those items, store them into your carry-on. Put all information you need for your trip with your luggage.

Follow these tips or tweak them to make them work for you.  The morning of the trip you won't be rushing around trying to find things you forgot to pack. You can relax that morning knowing you are all prepared for you trip! Enjoy!

Organize!! Energize!!
Peter Walsh, has an exercise in his latest book, Lighten Up: Love What You Have, Have What You Need, Be Happier With Less. This exercise will help you estimate how much money you are wasting. Who doesn't want more money in their pockets?

"Try going through one room and make a quick estimate of the cost of what you are not using. For example, look in your bedroom and consider the cost of unworn clothes and shoes, unread books, unworn jewelry, or unused makeup. Consider the unused toys in your den or child's bedroom. If any particular item you come across tugs at your heart or makes you emotional, then consider that an added cost. Add up the cost of the items-I'm guessing that some of those clothes still have the tags on them so it won't be that hard-and write down the amount. Is it big? How much of that are you still paying off? This simple exercise should give you a rough estimate of the cost of clutter in your home."

If you feel guilty throwing items away, there are options. You can donate them, bring them to a consignment store or have a yard sale and make some money on the items.

In your spare time, I would love for everybody to try this exercise and get back to me. Give me any feedback you would like to share.

Organize!! Energize!!
Get organized and you will have more free time, guaranteed! You will be able to spend more time on the things you enjoy in life. Serenity. Sanity. Finally.

Here are some time-saving tips:
1.    Plan out your outfits and your kids outfits for the week on Sunday. Iron everything, decide on accessories and shoes. If you are looking for a great organizational product to organize your kids clothes by the day, check out
2.    Have a home for your keys, whether it be by the door in a decorative bowl, or on a decorative hook. Grab and go, no more running around the house searching for keys or grabbing the wrong keys.
3.    Plan your meals ahead for the week. No fussing in the morning anymore trying to prepare or realizing you don't have anything and you have to run to the market, throwing your whole morning off. Plan ahead and you can enjoy that free time in the morning, eating breakfast, spending time with the kids, checking your Facebook or emails and relaxing a little before work.
4.    Make a to-do list. I have dedicated a previous blog to this topic. Check it out.
5.    Keep your bathroom cabinets organized so when you are getting ready in the morning you aren't racing around looking for items.
6.    Have a filing system contained to one area in your home where all your bills and important documents are kept.
7.    Get every room and drawer in your home organized! Take it one room and one drawer at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. As always, call me if you need a professional organizer to help you with this process.

You will save time, money, have more energy, be less stressed and become more efficient and productive when you become organized.

Organize!! Energize!!
When a loved one passes away, it is one of the most difficult transitions we will have to go through in life. Very few of us consider what happens after the funeral, until the day we have to deal with our loved ones belongings. We are dealing with so many emotions and the last thing we want to do is sort through their belongings. Eventually, it has to get done, but you can only make this decision when you are emotionally ready. 

Once you decide to start with the process, it can be very overwhelming.
1.    You may not have any help.
2.    Your family may live out of state and cannot travel to help.
3.    You are busy in your life and need to try to make the time to do this.
4.    You do not know where to begin.

There is help out there and people do not realize that they have this resource that they can turn to for help. An organizer can walk you through the proces. We will set up a organized plan in each room and put that plan into motion, making the process as stress-free as possible. The process can move as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

Organizers can help with sorting, tossing, donating, packing, shipping. We can help you find a real estate agent, a cleaning company, a junk removal company. Organizing In RI has a network of trusted and reliable professionals that we refer to that will take care of anything that you may need.

All this being said, what can we do to organize ourselves and our loved ones that are with us now?

*Finances-  Make a list of all bank accounts, investments, IRA's, 401k plans, savings, etc. Be sure to write down all account #'s and the banks where they are located. Keep them in a safe place, but let a family member know where they are located.
*Computer passwords.
*House Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance Policies. Again, be sure to let somebody know where these are located.
*Will-Be sure somebody knows where you keep a copy of your will.
*Marriage license, passports, social security cards.
*Proof of ownership documents.
*Any other important documents that are in your home.
*Medical Records-If you have any type of medical issues, i.e, diabetes, heart issues, allergies, etc., keep a list of all medications and your medical history saved in a place where family members can find it. Better yet, look into a Rhode Island company called HealthID Profile (
www.healthidprofilecom) HealthID Profile is a simple-to-use web-based electronic personal health manager using cloud technology and syncing with a USB storage device (located in their medical ID products) for your health, lifestyle and medical information. Its ultimate goal is to help you in the time of a medical emergency by communicating your pertinent information to first responders. This is a great and inexpensive way to get your loved ones organized.

Most importantly, have a filing system for everything! It will make any life-changing event less stressful and overwhelming whether it be a loved one passing, going through a divorce, downsizing your home, getting married, etc.

Organize!! Energize!!