I am so excited to share with everybody the news of Organizing In RI, LLC's first Organizing CD! The CDs will be arriving late next week. The above pic is a peek at what the front and back cover will look like. Organizing Basics is the title of the CD. So what is this CD all about?!

I wanted to create a 1 hour tutorial CD that could help anybody who wanted to get organized. There are 15 topics discussed and within each topic is a step-by-step detailed walk through of the topic. These are the fundamentals of organizing. Think about it, you can't tackle a big organization project if you can't organize a small drawer.

In future CDs, I will dedicate them to more detailed topics and really talk about specific areas and how to organize. I couldn't jump right into those CDs until I give everybody the fundamental basics of getting organized. Think of it as a starter kit. It's great for anybody who is ready to get organized, but isn't ready to hire a professional organizer. It's for all those people who really want to get organized, but just don't know how or where to start.

Here are the 15 topics that will be discussed.
1.     Intro/Get organized and reap the benefits.
2.     How does your home make you feel.
3.     What is the secret to an organized home.
4.     Get creative with your space.
5.     Avoid distractions while organizing.
6.     Release the mental clutter
7.     Get organized and you will have more free time.
8.     Purchasing containers and bins for your organizing projects.
9.     Drawer organizers. Are you using them?
10.   Get organized for your yard sale.
11.   Organize your take-out menus.
12.   Plan and prepare for your vacation.
13.   Top 5 reasons your business needs to get organized.
14.   Paper management.
15.   Organizing and managing your emails.

Again, as you can see, the topics are very general organizing topics to get you started. It will ease you into the process and the CD is very easy to follow.

(On a side note: For those who know me and know I talk a mile a minute, the most difficult process in making this CD was trying to talk slow and slow my speech down. It was the hardest thing I had to do!)

With the help of TalkStreamRadio.com, Diane and Steve Lupo, this is a high quality, professional CD enhanced with some background music fading in and out at the beginning and ending of each topic just to pep it up a little! I am so thankful to them for all of their help and support. I remember the day last year when Diane called right after I started my business and she asked me to be talkstreamradio.com's organizing guru. I was ecstatic and we have developed a great relationship this past year!

Currently, I am shopping around to see if any retail, small business, or specialty shops would be interested in carrying this CD. If you know of anybody that might be interested, please send them my way!

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, please email me at
Kristin@organizinginri.com or call me at 401-323-1165.

Thank you to all my family, friends, and clients for your continued support.

Organize! Energize!